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Isle Of Wight Chipper machine hire

What is Chipping?

At Greenscapes, we like to invest in the latest, greatest and safest equipment on the market so we can perform a seamless and reliable service for our clients and, in a challenging industry, make life as convenient as possible for our lovely workforce. That is why we proudly own two state-of-the-art tracked wood chippers.

For heavy-duty work, our Först TR8D (8-inch diesel) is the perfect workhorse. Capable of chipping branches up to 8 inches in diameter, this machine really has some grunt! It’s perfect for getting through large amounts of material and will chip 8-inch wood all day long! 

For smaller jobs and tighter access, our Först TR6P (6-inch petrol) is ideal. With its retractable tracking system, a smaller hopper and lighter weight, this machine will fit almost anywhere. Less torque but more speed. This machine is perfect for smaller branch material of up to 6 inches in diameter. Don’t be fooled by its size. It really is a little powerhouse. 

No matter what size your landscape is, our large chipping machines for hire with an operator will be able to turn any amount of green waste into wood chips in no time!

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IOW Chipper Hire

how does a chipper work?

The essential components of all wood chippers are very similar and come in varying sizes, from manually fed garden waste chippers to machine fed whole tree chippers. 

Typically they all have a a few things in common; a hoper with infeed aperture that houses the infeed rollers. The rollers grip the branches that are fed to them and feed them back to the blades behind. The blades behind are spinning a very high rpm and when they receive the branched from the rollers it’s chop into little chips. The centrifuge force from the spinning blades then flings the chopped chips out of the chute on to of the chipper which is aimed in the desired end location of the the wood chippings where a pile of wood chips will accumulate. 

Why You Will Need Chipping?

Chipping if the industry standard way of braking down and condensing large amount of green woody material so it can be removed or utilised around the garden as covering for paths, plant beds, etc.  

How Can Greenscapes Tree Care Help You?

Professional Chipper for Hire

Greenscapes Tree Care have the best professionals available to do chipping services for you, alternatively have a state of the art chipper for hire. In addition, you can be fully confident about the trusted personnel to pull of the task. You're in safe hands with years of experience in the tree care business and the verified machinery they employ on the worksite.

What Other Services Do Our Chipper Hire Offer?

Besides normal tree chipping hire, Greenscapes Tree Care also offers free quotations for your lawn services, tree surgery, log delivery, landscape gardening and so much more. Be it felling, pruning, landscape clearance, tree removal, we can assist you with your trees.

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