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Tree Surgery Services IOW

Tree Care Services IOW

Tree surgeon isle of wight

What WE Offer

At Greenscapes Tree Care, we cover all aspects of tree surgery on the Isle of Wight, including tree removal, pollarding, crown reduction, and more. We exclusively offer a mechanical dismantling service, the safest and most efficient way for large and dangerous tree removal. 

We are fully insured, IW Council approved, and have over 100+ 5-star reviews online, a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction. 

Free site visit and quotation anywhere on the Isle of Wight. 

Tree surgery isle of wight

what is Crown Reduction

Crown reduction may be used to reduce mechanical stress on individual branches or the whole tree, make the tree more suited to its immediate environment, and reduce its vulnerability to wind damage.

Crown reduction can also reduce the effects of shading and light loss in a garden while retaining an otherwise desirable tree. This also offers an opportunity to remove dead, diseased, and damaged wood from the tree’s canopy.

Hedge Trimming isle of wight

What we offer

We offer a premier hedge trimming service on the Isle of Wight for hedges and decorative plants of all sizes, shapes, and varieties. Our professional team is trained and equipped with the expert tools and knowledge to maintain your hedges in the best possible way!

We offer hedge trimming and maintenance, high hedge reductions, and complete hedge removal services, including stump grinding.

tree stump removal isle of wight

Stump Grinding Service

Here at Greenscapes Tree Care, we have the latest and greatest in stump-grinding machinery. Removing large stumps on the Isle of Wight has never been so easy! Our powerful, tracked stump grinder can reach most locations and make light work of even the most gigantic stumps! We also offer complete stump extraction and stump treatment services to inhibit regrowth.

Landscape Gardening IOW


Greenscapes Tree Care also likes to use our green fingers to create and improve garden areas. We can offer hard and soft landscaping in the Isle of Wight. We offer close-boarded fencing, patios, raised beds, rockery creations, and complete bespoke garden designs catered to your requirements or inspired by our professional garden designer.

Woodland Management Service

what we offer

Greenscapes is here to help you with all your woodland management projects, whether you need help composing and submitting applications or undertaking management work. We can assist you in putting together an environmentally friendly plan and enrich your woodlands’ overall health and biodiversity by coppicing, thinning, replanting, felling, windrows, ash die-back management, and enhancing habitat areas. We have you covered with our professional management solutions.

Garden Maintenance

IOW Garden Services

We offer regular garden maintenance all year round. We can help maintain and beautify your hedges, trees, and shrubs on the Isle of Wight. Feel free to call our friendly team anytime for help and advice. We also offer tree planting, pruning of fruit trees and all small decorative trees, and tree health and tree risk assessments island-wide.

Ash Dieback IOW

ash dieback removal service

At Greenscapes, we prioritise the safety of your property and our team. That’s why we use our Merlo Roto and grapple saw to safely dismantle and remove dead, diseased, and dangerous trees.

We will carefully and mechanically dismantle the tree piece by piece, gently placing each section on the ground in a controlled fashion. We ensure a seamless operation and spotless cleanup from initial assessment to careful removal.

Chipper hire IOW

what we offer

Our Först TR8D and TR6P are state-of-the-art tracked diesel chippers that comply with the latest low-emissions regulations and safety regs, offering you a cleaner, safer solution for your chipping requirements.

These versatile machines can be utilised to access and chip virtually anywhere on site, resulting in more efficient, safer, and tidier working conditions with less noise and emissions. 

We offer chipper and stump grinder hire on the Isle of Wight, as well as 35m grapple saw and 30m cherry picker hire with our Merlo roto available island-wide.

Land Clearance Service

what we offer

Land clearance can be a daunting task to undertake singlehandedly. Unmanaged areas are quickly overtaken by dense brambles, gorse and undesirable saplings when left unattended for periods of time. Our expert team can make light work of such challenging conditions with specialist tools and heavy machinery to tackle even the most overgrown areas. Whether it’s a disused paddock left fallow for too long, an overgrown building plot, a large garden or green space, we are here to help you achieve your vision and take back control of your land!

Tree Removal Service

what is Felling

Felling is another term for tree removal, specifically cutting a tree from the bottom of the trunk rather than by climbing. Greenscapes offers all aspects of tree surgery on the Isle of Wight, including felling, climbing and dismantling, and mechanical removal using our grapple saw and Merlo Roto.

Greenscapes Tree Care are the Isle of Wight’s leading large and dangerous tree removal company. 

IOW pruning service

What is pruning

Our pruning service on the Isle of Wight typically involves tactically removing branches to create space, increase light, and improve aesthetics. We regularly work with giant veteran trees that need crown cleaning and dead wooding and small decorative garden shrubs that require a shape-up.

Pruning is quite a broad term and can involve shortening side branches all over a tree to make it smaller and more shapely, removing deadwood and crossing branches to promote overall health and longevity, or thinning and pruning fruit trees to encourage fruit development in the right places and in healthy proportions. 

Greenscapes cover all aspects of tree care on the Isle of Wight. 

All year round

Isle of Wights Logs Delivered

Greenscapes Tree Care provides barn-dried, ready-to-burn firewood all year round. We offer free delivery to every location on the Isle of Wight and stacking service for an extra fee. Our logs are a byproduct of our tree work and are a stainable and local alternative to mass-produced firewood elsewhere. 

We can also provide self-season wood for a fraction of the cost. This cheap alternative means you can purchase split wood in log sizes to season and dry yourself at home.

Our various methods of processing and hand splitting mean we can cater for many sizes of burnings, from large pub logs for open fires to small logs for standard home burners. 

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