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Isle Of Wight felling & tree removal

What is Felling?

Felling is the correct name for professional tree removal.

The most appropriate corrective solution for local governments seeking to remove a tree from a crowded location or for homeowners experiencing structural damage is tree felling.

Felling a tree to limit the transmission of infections and increase security in the region is known as tree felling. Tree felling can be quite hazardous though not done properly; as a result, this sort of job should only be done by a tree care professional who would also plan the process methodically, bearing in mind any potential dangers or risks.

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felling & tree removal

What does felling include?

Greenscapes Tree Care isn’t just a felling company based on the Isle of Wight, but a all round tree specialist with a clear methodology as to how to properly remove, collect and dispose of trees on the island.

The first and foremost thing we do is plan ahead to ensure we properly exceed our customers expectations using the correct equipment and the personnel needed.

Following a call out visit, we check the surroundings before pruning the trunk. Then decide on the cutting technique before checking for diseases that may harm the plants. Then comes the point of deciding on the tool that will help bring down the tree based on its dimensions and size.

Eitherway, our highly trained felling specialists will ensure your garden, field or landscape is treated correctly to the highest standards.

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What Areas Do Greenscapes Tree Care Cover?

No matter the size of the tree from giant to small.

Greenscapes  Tree Care work tirelessly to cover as many areas as possible to help those in need on the Isle of Wight who need trees removed.

If you need a Felling Isle of Wight service, feel free to contact us via the below buttons for a quick, no obligation quotation. 

Why You Will Need Felling, also known as tree removal?

You need tree felling for:


Substantial volumes of dead trees and harm to the tree's structure can present substantial safety issues, especially amid heavy winds, making dead, sick, or decaying trees a huge risk to the ecosystem.

Unsuitable for Location

Apart from protection, trees may be unsuited for their current placement, whether owing to subsidence concerns or when an insurance provider suggests tree removal to lessen the danger of subsidence.

Visual Considerations

While the primary reason for tree cutting is security, trees are occasionally felled for aesthetic reasons or a shortage of light.

How Can Greenscapes Tree Care Help You?

Greenscapes can greatly help you deal with the removal of your trees (felling) with our long experience in the field.  Not only do we only employ felling specialists who are skilled staff to take care of tree removal, but they also know precisely how to adequetly remove, despose and recycle of your old trees. With the help of the right machinery and personnel based on the Isle of Wight!

What Other Services Do Greenscapes Offer?

Greenscapes offer a ton of other tree care services. From hedge trimming to felling, stump grinding, planting flowers, crown reduction, and much more. The firm is loaded with technical staff that is a phone call away from ensuring your lawn stays well and truly alive!

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Greenscapes Tree Care’s specialized staff has a lot of technical expertise and is properly equipped with the essential tools and training to guarantee that every job is handled safely and quickly. They may help with anything from stump removal and felling to maintenance and inspections, ensuring that everything is done according to the rules. Call us now for more details or to schedule an appointment — they’ll be pleased to assist you.

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