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Isle Of Wight felling & tree removal

is Felling the same as dismantling a tree?

Felling is the correct term for removing a tree by cutting it at the base so the tree falls over in the desired direction.

Typically, this method is used in woodlands and open gardens with lots of space for the tree to fall uninterruptedly and safely to the ground, where it can be processed. 

Felling is the fastest method of getting a tree on the ground, but in most urban scenarios, it isn’t possible or practical.

Trees in build-up areas usually require climbing and dismantling in small pieces so that they can be removed safely in confined spaces and without risking damage to gardens and surrounding buildings. Often, rigging is required; this is where the climber and ground crew work together using ropes to carefully lower sections of the tree to the ground in a controlled fashion. Or sectional felling, where the climber will cut small pieces of the tree and allow them to free fall or be cut and chucked into the drop zone below. 

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Felling Isle Of Wight - Tree Removal service Isle of Wight

felling & tree removal

What does tree removal include?

Greenscapes Tree Care team are all-around tree specialists and can undertake all methods of tree removal and maintenance. 

During a call-out visit, we will check the surroundings of the tree, carefully assessing any obstacles or hazards before advising the most appropriate cutting technique to work safely on your trees. 

Whatever the method used our highly trained tree specialists will ensure your garden landscape is treated respectfully and all works are carried out to the highest possible standards.

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Greenscapes quality guarantee

No matter the size of the tree, from giant to small, Greenscapes Tree Care works tirelessly and to the same impeccable standards.

We are the Isle of Wights’ leading experts in large and dangerous tree removal. 

If you need assistance with any tree management service on the Isle of Wight, look no further than Greenscapes Tree Care.

Contact us via the buttons below to arrange your free, no-obligation quotation, available island-wide, 7 days a week. 

Why You Will Need Felling, also known as tree removal?

You need tree felling for:


Substantial volumes of deadwood in trees can harm a tree's structure and can present substantial safety issues to the public, especially amid heavy winds. Dead, sick, or decaying trees are a huge risk in public areas if left unmanaged. Fungi, deadwood, and leaf discolouration can all be warnings signs that your tree is sick and could be a potential risk to life and property if left unchecked.

Unsuitable for Location

Sometimes trees may be unsuited for their current location, whether owing to subsidence concerns or when an insurance provider suggests tree removal to lessen the danger to a property. Some trees are not suitable for longterm retention due to the size or the variety that has been unknowingly planted without enough space, in these cases it's best to remove the tree and replant with a more suitable variety.

Visual Considerations

While the primary reason for tree cutting is safety, but trees are occasionally reduced or removed for aesthetic reasons or a shortage of light. In many cases trees are planted with great intentioned but can outgrow there residential locations. Its best top consult your tree specialist about what trees are suitable to plan in your area is you have any reservations.

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Greenscapes Tree Care’s specialized staff has a lot of technical expertise and is properly equipped with the essential tools and training to guarantee that every job is handled safely and quickly. They may help with anything from stump removal and felling to maintenance and inspections, ensuring that everything is done according to the rules. Call us now for more details or to schedule an appointment — they’ll be pleased to assist you.

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