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What is garden maintenance?

Most people on the IOW have a fairly large garden or lawn. As gardens grow, they need maintaining to prevent them outgrowing their space, damaging neighbours property or blocking off areas.

Garden maintenance is the practice of keeping a leaves, trees and grass cut to a satisfactory rate. Every landscape is different and some gardens need more attention than others. Our Garden maintenance specialists already look after a large portion of the Isle of Wight so get in contact with one of our local gardeners today. 

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Garden Maintenance on the Isle of Wight

Whats included in garden maintenance?

Greenscapes Tree Care have been completing garden & landscaping services for many years now. Our services include trimming, cutting and removing trees for customers for many years. We have a very specialist team of gardeners, stonework, grounds works and hedge trimming specialists who regularly maintain many gardens and outdoor spaces on the Isle of Wight.

Our garden maintenance plans include monthly visits, or scheduled visits throughout the year where we trim your plants, lawn, grass cutting and check for tree infections and disease to ensure your outdoor space is looked after.

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What Areas Do Greenscapes Tree Care Cover?

No matter the size of the garden we offer services to both commercial and domestic clients.

Greenscapes  Tree Care work to around the clock to cover the whole island. As of now, the places we cover are: Bembridge Shanklin Sandown Ryde Cowes Yarmouth Newport Ventnor Niton Godshill Hillway Newchurch St Helens Seaview Wooten Bridge Calbourne Newbridge Shalfleet Wellow Mottistone Freshwater Brighstone St Lawrence

If you need gardening services on the Isle of Wight and require a professional and reliable service, feel free to contact us via the below buttons for a quick, no obligation quotation. 

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Why you should choose our isle of wight garden maintenance service?

Garden maintenance services can offer numerous benefits to any home. By taking advantage of these services, homeowners can enjoy a more beautiful and functional outdoor space that is easier to manage.

Improved Appearance

Our Gardening services can help to make your outdoor space look more tidy and attractive. Greenscapes Tree Care Professionals will trim overgrown plants, grass cutting, weed control, prune trees, lawn mowing, hedge cutting and generally keep the area under control. In addition, they may also suggest ideas for improving the overall aesthetic appeal of your garden. We will ensure your garden design looks picture perfect all year round, we can complete hard and soft landscaping services.

Pest Control

A well-maintained garden helps prevent pest infestation as it eliminates areas where pests could hide or breed. This is especially important for areas with a high risk of pest infestation. Professional garden maintenance services can identify any potential problems quickly and efficiently, thus helping you to keep pests away from your property.


Garden maintenance services will also apply fertilizer and other nutrients to ensure that plants remain healthy and receive the nutrition they need to thrive. Additionally, we can adjust these applications based on changing weather conditions or seasonal needs, with ongoing garden maintenance we can ensure you will have a well-maintained area.

Increased Home Value

Investing in garden maintenance services can increase the value of your home by making look like the perfect garden. Keeping a well-maintained garden can attract potential buyers when you decide to list your property in the future.

What Other Services Do Greenscapes Offer?

Greenscapes offer many tree services. From hedge trimming to tree removal, stump removal, tree planting, tree cutting, and much more. We are just a phone call away from maintaining your landscapes.

Contact Our Garden Maintainers today

Greenscapes Tree Care’s specialised gardeners have a lot of technical expertise and are properly equipped with the best tools and training to guarantee that every job is handled safely and quickly. We may help with anything from tree planting, hedge trimming, tree removal to maintenance and inspections, ensuring that everything is done according to the highest standards. Call us now for more details or to schedule an appointment.

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