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Isle Of Wight Tree Surgery

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Isle Of Wight Tree Surgery

What do we offer?

Greenscapes Tree Care cover all aspects of tree surgery; we are a fully insured and IW Council Approved trader with over 100+ 5-star reviews online.

From small pruning to large and dangerous tree removal. Our professional team of arborists can help you safely achieve your goals. We specialize in large and dangerous tree removal, high amenity crown reductions, Pollarding, and even large tree movement and replanting!  Whatever your goals, Greenscapaes Tree Care will make sure you are in safe hands. From the roots to the shoots, we have you covered!

Our skilled team can also help you process Conservation Area and TPO applications, giving you the best chance of gaining approval for work. Call our team or visit our tree constancy page for more details.

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5* IOW tree specialists

What Services Does a Tree Surgery Include?

Our Isle Of Wight Tree Surgery services include:

Tree removal

We are the Isle of Wights’ leading large and dangerous tree removal experts. We invest heavily in our machinery and equipment to maximise safety efficiency when removing trees on your property. The result is a fast, clean and cost-effective tree removal solution. Safety and professionalism are always paramount. We will provide clear communication throughout the tree removal process and always leave the place spotless.

Greenscapes are fully insured, IW Council Approved Traders, and have over 100 5-star reviews online.

We are happy to remove all material, or it can be arranged for us to process the timber into rounds and stack the logs on site for use as firewood if required. Similarly, we can leave woodchips behind to be utilised around the garden or take it all away. 

We dispose of our waste correctly and have a waste carriers licence.

Crown reduction 

Our team are passionate about tree care and will always endeavour to manage your trees correctly. We practice proper pruning procedures. Typically undertaking crown reductions with hand tools, making 100s of small cuts throughout the crown to shape, balance and reduce your tree whilst promoting healthy regrown and good overall aesthetics. We will also perform a ‘crown clean’ whilst crown reducing by removing deadwood, any unhealthy growth and any crossing or rubbing branches.  


Pollarding is a management technique best started young in a tree’s life but can be used in more mature trees as a way to significantly reduce a tree’s size and spread while retaining the tree. A tree will be stripped of all of its branches to a defined point and then left to regenerate new branches from this new set point. As a management technique, this is very effective but is quite an invasive practice to perform on a tree. Pollarding should be periodically redone as the new growth will not be as strong and sustainable as the natural framework that has been removed. The frequency of re-pollarding depends on many factors and is something that should be assessed on a tree-to-tree basis. 

Pruning and planting  

Not only do we undertake large tree removal jobs, but we can also provide a service for fruit tree pruning and small decorative tree and shrub maintenance. When it comes to trees, no job is too big or too small!

It’s not all about chopping them down. We also like to see them grow! We can facilitate tree planting of all sizes! We can crane large trees into place, help with large woodland replanting projects, or help you choose a suitable replacement for an unsafe tree you may have had to remove. Our friendly team are happy to help.

Isle Of Wight Tree Specialists

Why choose us?

If you are looking for a professional Isle of Wight tree surgery company, Greenscapes Tree Care offer a free non obligation quote on tree work performed on the island.

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Why You Will Need a our Isle of wight Tree Surgery specialists?

These are the four warning signals which will prompt you into hiring a tree surgeon.

Your Tree is Dying

Whenever a tree begins to deteriorate, it is not easily noticeable, but it may be quite harmful when it does. Fractures in the tree stump, rotting, and limbs breaking off are some of the warning indicators to watch out for. This might be due to old age or illness, but in any case, when stems weaken, there seems to be a greater threat of injury or property damage.

Hedges / Trees are Overgrown

For instance, when an enormous tree is impeding your property or spreading onto the street, it may have to be trimmed or pruned back. Allowing the trees to become unmanaged may lead to structural issues, a large expense, and obstructing daylight, making it difficult to care for them.

You Have a Deceased Tree

Plants, like all other vegetation, may become afflicted with sickness. You’ll likely observe physical effects in the tree’s foliage, limbs, and stem whenever this happens.

Although not all damaged or diseased trees should be removed, it might be the only choice if the illness has progressed too far. The wisest advice would come from a skilled tree specialist.

Safety Problems

From a safety perspective, all tree owners are responsible for ensuring that their tree is not causing a hazard to their property or neighbours and that they are healthy and safe and do not threaten people or property in the area.

How Can Greenscapes Tree Care Help You?

Greenscapes Tree Care is respected on the IOW for its excellent tree surgery operations, including landscape gardening, site location, felling, pruning, stump grinding, hedge trimming, windfall, crown reductions, tree removal, and general tree maintenance.

Whichever services are needed, our professional team of arborists and horticulturists have built a reputation for reliability and trust on the Island.

We are properly insured, NTPC and Lantra certified, and only utilize LOLER 6 monthly verified machinery. Every task is done with compassion and attention for our customers’ safety and security.

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