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Logs For Sale Isle Of Wight

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Firewood and Kindling for sale on The Isle of Wight

Our log delivery service

So, you enjoy sitting by the fireplace at night? Fire needs something to burn: high-quality logs…

We do not expect everyone to go searching in their gardens for a log to burn within their fireplace; you can count on Greenscapes Tree Care to keep you supplied all through the wintertime with the best log delivery service using clean-cut wood.

We aim to deliver a bulk bag of firewood to your door 7 days a week, which is better than most firewood delivery companies.

logs for sale isle of wight
logs for sale iow log delivery

Logs for sale isle of wight

what is log delivery?

Frequently, you burn firewood logs in your home for several purposes. It can be for barbequing, cooking, warmth, or even to fill your chimneys up during long winter nights. Logs, especially firewood, are preferred all across the towns for their brilliant aromas and burning abilities and are perfect for your wood burners, fire pits or pizza ovens. People today like to order large volumes of logs to prepare for the English winters. Greenscape’s delivery service has been providing the Isle of Wight with fresh bulk bag firewood as one of the leading companies on the island.

HardWood Logs Barn Dried For Sale

price of logs on the isle of wight?

We provide high-quality firewood logs for sale on the Isle of Wight. Our large 1-ton bulk bags cost £90 +VAT @ 5% for residential fuels. All our logs are outdoor season and then barn dried, and they provide great value when compared to buying multiple smaller bags. Our special offer is 3 x 1-ton bulk bags for just £250 + VAT. Don’t miss out – order your logs today and enjoy a warm winter with plenty of fuel for your fires. Order now, and we’ll deliver them free of charge, straight to your door. Get the most from your money with our great value logs!

logs for sale isle of wight log delivery

Why Choose Greenscapes Tree Care?

Logs & firewood will make your winter much better because:

A log or two is a great backup

Do you live in a rural location with restricted availability of utility services? When you're worried about your heat going out during the coldest months of yearly, firewood can help. You can keep your family and home comfortable even when the power goes out with our kiln dried logs or seasoned logs supplied throughout the Isle Of Wight. The amount you'll need is determined by how frequently you want to use your fireplaces or wood-burning furnace. 3-5 logs will suffice of our bulk bag when used once a week. If you rely on using it to heat your house, we are happy to give you a bulk discount on larger log stacks delivered. 5-10 firewood logs standby as a natural heat source if your main heat source fails or a powercut. You do not have to keep or store these inside your house, many leave in the garden for a "Rainy Day". Our logs are placed in extra large net bags to protect from the weather conditions and have a low moisture content.

All Types Of Wooden Logs

No matter the fireplace or setting, we have a large range of firewood that will be perfect for your atmosphere. We can cut on site to best fit your needs. Do you live in a rural location with restricted availability of utility services? If its common to get power outages in your areas on the Isle of Wight, having a cou When you're worried about your heat going out during the coldest months of yearly, firewood can help. You can keep your family and home comfortable even when the power goes out.

Create An Atmosphere

Imagine a household gathering to loosen up after a hard day in the snow or an evening meal with the family. What better way to host an occasion. Probably in front of a fireplace because fire is visually pleasing. The fireplace has long been associated with household warmth and events. It creates a calming influence for everybody and offers a space for families to wind down and relax at the end of the day.

How Can Greenscapes Tree Care Help You?

Greenscapes can greatly help you deal with the removal of your trees (felling) with our long experience in the field.  Not only do we only employ felling specialists who are skilled staff to take care of tree removal, but they also know precisely how to adequetly remove, despose and recycle of your old trees. With the help of the right machinery and personnel based on the Isle of Wight!

Wood collection and delivery

Is our log delivery service available all year round?

We deliver all year round and generally are more busy towards the Christmas period (November to January). However, we aim to deliver quality logs to your location on the Isle of Wight in the most timely fashion possible. 

All of our wood is a by-product from our tree surgery works and, therefore has a very low carbon footprint and is not part of large-scale felling or deforestation. Trees are from small-scale tree works around the Isle of Wight. Providing you with the best ethically sourced fuel for your fire!

Contact us today to book a delivery slot in the near future.

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What Other Services Do Greenscapes Offer?

Greenscapes offer a ton of other tree care services. From hedge trimming to felling, stump grinding, tree removal, stoneworks, groundworks, planting flowers, crown reduction, and much more. We have a lot of experience keeping Gardens, Woodlands and lawns to a high standard. 

Contact Us Today to for a Quick Delivery!

If you or someone you know wants to warm up this Christmas with logs for the fireplace, or they simply want to stock their backyard with high quality and ofcourse fresh logs before the cold and chilly evenings hit their peak, now is the right time to do so. With Greenscapes Tree Care’s quick and efficient supply of woods, you will never be disappointed with our island firewood supplies.

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