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What is Stump Grinding?

Cutting and pulling down a tree is only the first stage in the removal procedure. Most individuals, understandably, are intimidated by the prospect of chopping down some trees. Without an expert’s advice or help, the tree might topple in the incorrect direction, demolish a house, obstructing a roadway, or injure electricity lines. Every one of these costly issues can be addressed by hiring a tree removal specialist.

However, you are not finished until the tree is cut down and completely removed from the soil. The most difficult element of tree removal isn’t removing the tree, it is actually the stump removal because it requires specialist heavy tools to not take the roots and stump out of the ground. The term stump grinding encompasses the removal of the tree stump and the steps taken by our Isle of Wight stump removal specialists.

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Stump Grinding Isle of WIght

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how we remove tree stumps?

Stump grinding is a method of removing tree stumps from trees previously cut down. A tree grinder, grinds the wood till it’s barely underneath the soil’s surface. In some situations, the stump might be crushed as low as 12 inches (or maybe more) below the surface. This leaves a clear gap in the soil, allowing you to reuse the space.

Stump grinding, as opposed to stump extraction, shaves the tree stump down to inches or more underneath the soil surface. Many individuals choose stump grinding since it is both quicker and less costly.

The tree stump grinding procedure takes around 10 minutes however the full process may take up to 45 minutes dependant on the size of the stump. Small wood mulching is also created from grinding down tree stumps, as they degrade, those wood chips absorb nitrogen and other minerals from the surrounding environment.

The shavings may then be scattered in places such as your yard, gardening beds, and pathways. That’s what we call recyleable creativity! You will not be dealing with the stems left behind by stump grinding. It takes around ten years, they’ll gradually decompose.

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our call out tree stump removal service

If your searching Google for Stump Grinding Isle of Wight, here is the process that we undertake and the considerations we take before and during the work: 

  • Concerns and damages to trees and surrounding communities are evaluated and inspected.
  • Conducting hazard assessments to determine tree conditions and treatment options.
  • Woods and planks are felled and chipped.
  • Chainsaws and wood splitters, for example, must be prepared, repaired and maintained.
  • All applicable health and safety rules and regulations, as well as other legislation are followed.
  • Defending against specific tree diseases, insects, sickness, and other issues.
  • Putting the tree business’s policies, processes, and risk evaluations into action.

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Tree Stump Removal Isle of Wight
Stump Tree Grinding Removal

Why You Might Need Stump Grinding:

Dificult to Remove

Stump grinding means removing tree stumps from the ground, although the roots grow deep into the soil. There are several reasons to engage specialists to remove stumps. Most households have a tree stump in their garden that has been there for many years. The reason most people do not try remove a tree stump is due to difficulty, its not something the adverage DIY can acheive. We have specialist tools to remove a leftover tree without damaging its surroundings.

It Doesn't Look Good

Apart from every other thing, a stump in your lawn is a nuisance. Tree stumps that have been left alone appear to be an abandoned project. The stump flakes can also be used as mulch. Leaving stumps in the yard is pointless. With only one telephone call, you can remove the stumps in your yard now.

It's Obstructing the Pathways

How often do you have to use the mowers to go around that stump? Stumps are simply annoying. It's as simple as dialing up the phone and calling to get those ugly-looking stumps removed from your yard.You don't have to scrape and struggle for hours to attempt to get rid of it on your own. The Greenscapes Tree Care provides professional assistance.

It's Becoming a Home to Many Insects

Stump grinding not only gets rid of dead trees, but it also gets rid of a fantastic place for insects to live. Wood bees, carpenter ants, termites, and other insects are all looking for a place to live in your tree stumps. However, they may not always remain confined in the tree stump. A decaying stump is a perfect place for all the bugs you don't want near your nice home to have. Bugs are clever, and it won't be long before they find their way into mature trees and, eventually, into your household. Stump grinding guarantees that you will not be giving out any indications to local insects that your lawn is a good place to live.

The Tree Growing Back

Trees are capable of resistance. Taking them down and leaving a stump doesn't ensure that they'll never regrow. Using the right stump removing tools, you can assure that they won't start growing again. It is strongly recommended that you have the stump eradicated when you want your tree to grow back.

How Can Greenscapes Tree Care Help You?

Greenscapes can greatly help you deal with the removal of your tree strumps with our long experience in the tree surgery field.  Not only do we only employ stump grinding specialists who are skilled to take care of tree removal, but we also know precisely how to adequetly remove, despose and recycle of your old trees. With the help of the right machinery and personnel based on the Isle of Wight!

WHere do we cover on the isle of wight?

Greenscapes Tree Care and stump removal operate in various areas to help the community take care of their gardens and woodland. Our stump grinding call out service which includes tree stump removal covers Bembridge, Shanklin, Sandown, Ryde, Cowes, Yarmouth, Newport, Ventnor, Niton, Godshill, Hillway, Newchurch, St Helens, Seaview, Wooten Bridge, Calbourne, Newbridge, Shalfleet, Wellow, Mottistone, Freshwater, Brighstone and St Lawrence.

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