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Landscape Gardening isle of wight

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Landscape Gardening isle of wight

greenscapes hard landscaping services

Here at Greenscapes, we are not only passional and tree care we also like to create beautiful and functional garden spaces. 

We offer various hard landscaping services, from entire garden makeovers to small closed-board fencing and patio spaces.

After the initial construction is complete, we also provide a maintenance program that keeps your landscape looking its best all year long. Our experienced team understands the importance of keeping plants healthy and vibrant.


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what is landscape gardening?

Landscaping is the method of changing the aesthetic and functionality of your outdoor space. It might include changing an area’s appearance by plantings in a new style or the creation of new features and usability of the landscape.

Gardening and landscaping are sometimes misunderstood. Whereas the two are comparable, gardening is concerned with the upkeep of plants and flowers, whereas landscaping is the planning and creation of an outdoor space. Landscape gardening is often limited to certain areas, including the grounds enclosing a house, business facility, school, or comparable facility.

After the foundation is set, our landscapers may add shurbs, flowers, and other features to get the desired aesthetic the client desires. A historic English garden, a local plant flower bed, or a low-water garden are examples of specialized landscape gardening.

How We Work?

Typically, our landscapers begin by drawing the structure and its surroundings, observing the ecological landscape, researching constraints such as nearby buildings’ soil conditions, and taking into consideration anything that may affect the overall design. We will review with you a design to ensure we are both happy to proceed and re-design your garden landscape.

Landscaping frequently begins with installing walkways and then progresses to adding waterfalls, ponds, terraces, gazebos, rock concrete structures, and other elements to make a beautiful setting. We complete block paving, natural stone pathways, brickwork driveways, patios, artificial grass installation, and more to complement your landscape perfectly. 

We also provide a range of planting options, including trees, flowers, shrubs, garden features, and wildlife-friendly gardens.

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Why You Will Need a Landscape Gardening?

Here are 4 reasons why you need a Landscape Gardener

Expand Your Outdoor Setting

Pools, gardens, indoor kitchens, patios, and other outdoor living areas can be made possible through landscape garden maintenance. Such facilities are extensions of your house and enable you to best use the land, even if they don't contribute more toward square footage or usable area.

Saving You Big Bills

According to an estimate, a well-designed landscaping room may save you money in the long run on energy bills to pay for itself in eight years on average. Growing trees and shrubs appropriately surrounding your property could save you up to 35% on air conditioners expenditures and 10-25% on temperature levels whilst helping reduce harmful carbon dioxide produced by near by vehicle and better savingthe planet. Contact one of our Landscape Gardening Isle of Wight team

Excellent for Environment

Did you know that gardening influences pollution levels? Adding only one tree may eliminate 26 pounds of CO2 each year. Furthermore, gardens can prevent 12 million tons of smoke and dust into the environment each year. Tree planting, bushes, and flowering help increase oxygen levels while also reducing soil erosion which inturn helps reduce stress levels and health.

Adding to Home Aesthetics

Residents are constantly exploring methods to increase their house's market price, but increases in property square footage and remodels aren't always feasible. Luckily, landscape gardening is a cost-effective approach to increase property value. Houses with professionally groomed lawns might sell for up to 12.7 per cent more than those without. Well-kept gardens might also allow you to sell your home quickly by making a good first impression on potential clients. Ninety-four per cent of brokers encourage customers to improve their facility's visual appeal before putting it on the market.

How Can Greenscapes Tree Care Help You?

If you don’t have a nice garden and may not have the resources for health to devote to doing it yourself or want a large-scale landscape design for your house, employing our Greenscapes landscaping service is a wise decision.

The benefit of choosing us as your gardener is that you will have specialists operating on your woodland. We not only collaborate with you to create the perfect designs and set project timeframes, but we also have a competent landscaping team to carry out your ideas, so you don’t have to put a lot of effort into this.

No matter what size, our landscaping gardeners will help you from small scale projects to larger landscaping builds, call us today.

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what areas do we cover?

We are an established landscape gardening company on the Isle of Wight with many years experience within planting, changing and re-designing landscapes.

From flowerbeds to rocky pathways, or even if you’re planning on doing landscape gardening on your own, our professional landscape gardeners can help lead the way. 

If you need a Isle of Wight gardening specialist, feel free to contact us via the below buttons for a quick, no obligation quotation.

Contact Our Landscape Gardeners!

Landscape gardening is something that no ordinary person can pull off. It requires great skills and expertise, years of knowledge, and the right tools and equipment. If you think this is something that might be too hard for you, we highly recommend getting in touch with the Greenscapes Tree Care services on the Isle Of Wight!

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